Like most programmers, I'm a problem-solver at heart. We tend to see the world in terms of "how to make ~ better". As an army brat, I had the benefit of extensive travel and frequent relocation; adapting to new environments an oft-repeated practice. As it turns out, this serves me well in the information age, where we regularly find ourselves in challenging, though usually promising, new circumstances - with ample opportunities to make things better.

To understand me professionally, bear in mind that I am an aspiring athlete (track & field) with competitive goals and a disciplined training regime. My objectives as a developer mirror the iterative discipline of the athlete: through exhaustive practice, making mistakes and learning from them, comes gradual improvement... And therein lies the joy for me, in both running and coding.

The information below is an attempt to summarize a wealth of experiences; however, the bottom line is this: whether behind a keyboard or on the track, I strive to defy expectations.


CBT Nuggets

Eugene, OR, 2015 - Present

Software Engineer

Excited to join the CBT Nuggets team in 2015.

Brian Woodring LLC

Albuquerque, NM, 2010 - 2015


For clients such as Sandia National Laboratories, Cabinotch, and Columbia Forest Products, I designed, built, and administered n-tier responsive sites, secure web services, and applications using the latest technologies, particularly the Microsoft .NET framework. My work included cloud deployments of ecommerce and informational sites, typically with custom content management and data systems.

An example of my work: the Cabinotch ecommerce site. This responsive site allows cabinetmakers to order custom pre-cut cabinet "kits" from a near-infinite array of configurations. My work comprises everything you see, including the 3D renderings of the assembled boxes.

Robert Half Technology

Portland, OR, 2007-10


I completed several development contracts independently and through Robert Half Technology while living in Oregon. Typically as an adjunct to small and midsize development/design companies, I modernized legacy sites and applications with the latest Microsoft .NET framework, Javascript libraries, and Google APIs. The enriching variety of projects usually involved aesthetic improvement as well as rewriting or refactoring existing code.

Projects included a (multiple) language localization of Intel's extranet, several new websites for Columbia Forest Products, testing and deploying content management systems (RedDot, DotNetNuke, Ektron), and producing multimedia content for the pharmaceutical/eyecare industry (Alimera Sciences, CibaVision).

OneEighty Communications (later Integra Telecom)

Billings, MT, 2004-07


During my years working in the telecom industry, I designed and created internal communication applications, telecom system databases, and the web interface for a hosted IP telephony system. After creating new corporate websites and an intranet for the Billings regional office, my following year was dedicated to consolidating numerous data sources into a single system for issuing and tracking telecom equipment and materiel.

Next, I joined the product development team, and over a period of eighteen months, helped architect a new VoIP phone service, called UNIFi. This built-from-scratch IP phone system includes a web portal that enables users and administrators to configure and script communication preferences online, using a familiar application desktop interface. Since its deployment, UNIFi has been proven a cost effective, stable, and powerful telephony interface for customers.

Lockwood Greene (later CH2M)

Atlanta, GA, 1998-04

Developer (2001-04)

After three years of successful projects for external clients, my efforts were internalized for development projects focused on redefining LG's image and infrastructure as a newly acquired part of J.A. Jones - and later CH2M. I supervised and produced award-winning integrated web and CD distribution software for the Marketing and IT groups, resulting in doubled or tripled traffic to various corporate websites.

In addition to generating reports, commercials, and presentations for executive management, I conducted training classes for internal personnel on various content creation tools (Dreamweaver, Flash, PhotoShop) as part of an employee empowerment initiative.

Consultant (1998-01)

Being a consultant for Lockwood Greene Consulting placed me in various leadership and development roles for clients such as Akzo Nobel, BASF, Coca-Cola, Covance, Eclipse Aircraft, GlaxoSmithKline, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Metric Constructors, Novartis, Ruetgers Organics, SEDA, and the Tourism & Industry Development Council of Trinidad & Tobago.

The nature of work varied as much as the industries in which they were executed; it included 3D illustration and animation, e-learning sites and software, business analysis and documentation, marketing research and advertising content development, auto-updating kiosk distribution software, forensic studies, and process simulations. These years proved invaluable to me; always 'pushing the envelope' challenged me daily as a developer, while interfacing with clients and internal teams honed my communication and project management skills, allowing me to coordinate efforts on a scale that I would not have otherwise ventured.


Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN
B.A., Economics

Georgia Tech College of Computing

Atlanta, GA

  • Web & Multimedia Design Certificate
  • Web Programming Certificate
  • Object-Oriented Development Certificate
  • Java Technologies Certificate

Seoul American High School

Seoul, Republic of Korea


I have an extensive background in development that includes coding, testing, data structuring and administration, audio and video editing, 3D animation, technical illustration, project management, and computer-based training.

My experience spans a multitude of platforms, languages, and applications; but currently, the technologies and tools I use include:

  • C#, Microsoft.Net
  • Salesforce
  • Javascript, Node.js, ReST services
  • Microsoft Visual Studio, VS Code, Welkin Suite
  • AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Heroku
  • Postgres, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB